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Thanks for reading my page.

Quick Introduction: I’m Adam, 34 years from France and provide escorting  / massage services for ladies and gentlemen.

To be honest I have other life plans/professional activity nowadays, I rarely meet people and am rather selective but if it happened to you to be friendly and show good vibes, we could figure out something 🙂

What I’ve learned after those few years in the business is attitude is EVERYTHING, way more important than physicals : no matter how handsome a guy is, if he is an assh*** you will leave disappointed (if not cheated), the way around isn’t true. I myself make sure to give a positive / willing attitude. It’s not marketing blabla, I mean it: I refuse meetings if I can’t make it or am not comfortable with (and it happens a lot)

Not being in need (=non full time escort) is the big advantage to give a better (and safer) service.

I’m engineer by degree (though I changed my career at a early stage), speak several languages, spend most of my free time traveling and studying investment opportunities. You might wonder why am I escorting then, well first it’s not as bad as you think, second I filter A LOT, third I met (and still meet) amazing/inspiring people, high ranking CEOs, artists, even a minister.

About the service, no over claiming here, I have experience (4years) and now what I’m doing… and maybe most importantly I know what people want. To know more about my background and motivation, click here. You will find my list of services on that page, photos/videos there.

Don’t forget to check out my rules too (not that I’m super strict but if I don’t set boundaries, there is always people to abuse)

You might wonder “why would I hire an escort/masseur? why am I here by the way?! ” It’s not as simple as you might think, here is some answers, based on years of experience:

6 reasons to hire me >> HERE


In short, here are the services I offer (click on any for details):

Massage | Boyfriend experience

Role play | Domination games

Modeling | Travel companion

Sell used underwear Dance/strip-tease

Fidelity test

For Men and Women

Find out more details on my dedicated page here.


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Safe play or no play!

Privacy respect.  It’s vital for both of us.

Also, we are there to have a good time so let’s be friendly and respectful.

That’s the basics for me, please check out more on my rules page.